WILPF – German Section

As the oldest women’s peace organisation in the world we combine current subjects with the experience of our work. WILPF is an international non-governmental organisation with national sections in over 40 countries and consultative status with various organs of the United Nations. Its International Secretariat is based in Geneva with a New York UN Office.

We invite you to learn more about our organisation, our history, the manifold activities and the key fields of work.

We invite you to join us and participate in activities and in lasting collaborations.

We invite you to support our work for peace and freedom.

Our aims are

  • Human coexistence in peace, freedom and justice
  • Social, economic and political equality of all human beings
  • Elimination of any discrimination on the grounds of gender, origin or religion (see also Human Rights, Anti-Racism)
  • Equal participation of women in the political, economical and social sector (see also UN-Resolution 1325)
  • Collaboration of women of different political beliefs and origins to overcome the reasons of violence and war (see also civil conflict management, Vorrang für Zivil)
  • Worldwide disarmament (see also nuclear weapons, Small arms, armament export)
  • Strengthening the United Nations and the International Law
  • Strengthening women’s rights as one of the basic elements of human rights (see trafficking in women/trafficking in human beings, UN-Resolution 1820)
  • Promoting a sustainable development and an equal access to resources (see Women, Water, War)
  • Supporting our Sections in conflict areas

Find our articles published in English here:

Practicing Feminist Foreign Policy in the Everyday: A Toolkit

22. November 2021

Feminist perspectives and voices in international politics on issues relating to foreign policy, international security and war are growing louder as a source and site of discursive political action and policy transformation. In contribution to there sites of political action and transformation, WILPF Germany launched a toolkit on feminist foreign policy. View article

L(A)UNCH Event of the Toolkit: Practicing Feminist Foreign Policy in the Everyday – 25 November 2021, 12pm CET

17. November 2021

L(A)UNCH Event of the Toolkit: Practicing Feminist Foreign Policy in the Everyday - 25 November 2021, 12pm CETWe invite you to join the l(a)unch event of the latest publication “Practicing Feminist Foreign Policy in the Everyday: A Toolkit” published by WILPF Germany in cooperation with the Heinrich Böll Foundation. The event will take place in English. View article

How militarised is Germany’s Foreign Policy? A policy brief

23. September 2021

How militarised is Germany's Foreign Policy? A policy briefBy providing an analysis of Germany’s foreign and security policy priorities, decision-making processes, and multilateral engagement from a feminist perspective, this policy brief written by the Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy and WILPF Germany identifies entrenched militarisation in Germany’s foreign and security policy. View article

We Give Militarism a Voice

8. September 2021

To understand the lasting power of the heavily militarized world system, it is crucial to untangle how we – as individuals, as countries, as a global political economy – tend to privilege militaries and why. This privileging is because we have constructed a world system in which the state is the default actor, and the primary goal of the state ... View article

In solidarity – against all anti-Semitism and racism!

23. Juni 2021

We – the German section of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom – view the burgeoning anti-Semitic violence and anti-Muslim racism in Germany, Austria and other countries in recent weeks with great concern and deeply condemn it. View article

Stop the violent confrontation and build a just and sustainable peace for all people in Israel and Palestine

23. Juni 2021

WILPF Germany stands in solidarity with the people in Gaza, the West Bank, Jerusalem and Israel. Those people who are currently still living in life-threatening situations and fear, who are victims of violence, who experience violence in their environment and who mourn those who have died or are injured. View article

Breaking through the addiction to weapons – feminist critiques of militarization.

17. Juni 2021

The disarmament program Reaching Critical Will hosted a roundtable discussion on May 26, 2021, in which feminist voices from New Zealand/Aotearoa, Australia, Italy, Japan, and Germany spoke and critiqued what militarization means in their respective contexts. View article

Video: For humane refugee politics – Women fighting for human rights

5. Juni 2021

Video: For humane refugee politics - Women fighting for human rightsWatch our video, recorded on 14 June 2021, about the current state of the European external borders and human rights violation due to inhumane border politics. The video is in English. View article

German (Dis)Armament Policy: An Intersectional Feminist Analysis by WILPF

4. Juni 2021

German (Dis)Armament Policy: An Intersectional Feminist Analysis by WILPFIn this publication, edited by Jennifer Menninger and Victoria Scheyer, ten members from the German section of WILPF look at German arms and security policy from an intersectional feminist perspective. View article

Federal Supreme Court Decision strenghtens calls for renewed arms export law in Germany

2. Mai 2021

For the first time in German history, an arms producing company was held accountable for its illegal arms trade. Heckler & Koch (H&K) has to pay more than three million euros. View article