WILPF – German Section

As the oldest women’s peace organisation in the world we combine current subjects with the experience of our work. WILPF is an international non-governmental organisation with national sections in over 40 countries and consultative status with various organs of the United Nations. Its International Secretariat is based in Geneva with a New York UN Office.

We invite you to learn more about our organisation, our history, the manifold activities and the key fields of work.

We invite you to join us and participate in activities and in lasting collaborations.

We invite you to support our work for peace and freedom.

Our aims are

  • Human coexistence in peace, freedom and justice
  • Social, economic and political equality of all human beings
  • Elimination of any discrimination on the grounds of gender, origin or religion (see also Human Rights, Anti-Racism)
  • Equal participation of women in the political, economical and social sector (see also UN-Resolution 1325)
  • Collaboration of women of different political beliefs and origins to overcome the reasons of violence and war (see also civil conflict management, Vorrang für Zivil)
  • Worldwide disarmament (see also nuclear weapons, Small arms, armament export)
  • Strengthening the United Nations and the International Law
  • Strengthening women’s rights as one of the basic elements of human rights (see trafficking in women/trafficking in human beings, UN-Resolution 1820)
  • Promoting a sustainable development and an equal access to resources (see Women, Water, War)
  • Supporting our Sections in conflict areas

Find our articles published in English here:

Joint civil society statement on gender and disarmament: UN General Assembly First Committee, 13 October 2020

14. Oktober 2020

Joint civil society statement on gender and disarmament: UN General Assembly First Committee, 13 October 2020Marieke Eilers delivered a joint civil society statement on gender and disarmament at the UN General Assembly First Committee, noting that at the root of our world’s challenges lies patriarchal militarism. View article

Legal Forum in Charkiv: Women who are Human Rights defenders from business related abuses

25. September 2020

Legal Forum in Charkiv: Women who are Human Rights defenders from business related abusesPresentation of stories which changed the world. The Corona crisis has shown the fragility of global delivery chains in dramatic ways. HR defenders and peace activists criticized neoliberal predatory capitalism since ever leading to inequality, injustice and violence. View article

UNESCO Webinar: “NGOs’ voice: global citizenship to spur inclusion and diversity” on 14 September 2020

25. September 2020

Feminist perspectives widen the horizon on global citizenship. View article

Does Protection Lead to Peace? The WPS Agenda and Its Focus on CRSV

15. Juli 2020

Does Protection Lead to Peace? The WPS Agenda and Its Focus on CRSVThe WPS agenda, inaugurated by the UNSC Resolution 1325 in October 2000, has been lauded as a watershed achievement in the global feminist movement. Yet, is the WPS agenda really the radical, structural reform it is set out to be? View article

Corona Action Time (English)

8. April 2020

Corona-time may be soon over – let’s not lose the momentum – let’s start working – let’s change together what we never dared to do – let’s build a global movement for life in peace, justice and solidarity – let’s just try – there is nothing to lose – be part of it – it’s easy and it’s for YOU – act now – commit yourself – HAVE FUN trying out things – dreams may come true: IT IS ... View article

WILPF Italy Statement: Women on Front Line to demand the End of Wars

8. April 2020

We support strongly the appeal of UN General Secretary for the immediate ceasefire of all the conflicts. We the women are the first victims of the great threats impending over humanity: wars, environmental disasters and ecological imbalances, nuclear threat, social inequity and poverty increased by the public debt. Although we are obscured by the atavistic male power, we have been active ... View article

Gender Component in the Covid-19 Crisis – Emergency Responses and long-term Consequences

8. April 2020

Draft commentary of the CSP Working Group on women and gender realities in the OSCE region. View article


30. März 2020

Unusual days, the ones we have to live. Isolated at home, we feel that we are immersed in a strange and unreal reality. The applause for the health personnel links us with unknown neighbors who applaud from balconies and windows. A friend hit the nail on the head when, communicating on WhatsApp the emotion caused by these applauses, she wrote: ... View article

Emergency and long-term alternatives – Pandemics are not gender-neutral

30. März 2020

“The COVID-19 crisis is disproportionately impacting women and girls who are made vulnerable by our patriarchal and neoliberal capitalist system: a system that is not working for people or the planet, and most definitely not working for women and girls…” (EWL) “Stop the pandemic named war and fight the illness that destroys our world. Women, children, handicapped and displaced persons are ... View article

A feminist analysis of the corona crisis

27. März 2020

A feminist analysis of the corona crisis The current crisis is to be understood as a problem for global society as a whole. Nevertheless, a feminist perspective is needed to shed more light on who is suffering and who is benefiting from the global developments due to the corona crisis. Only then it becomes clear what action is required to protect marginalised groups. Dealing with past epidemics has ... View article